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Posted: Nov 17 2017

Fall Trend Guide 2017 
Fall is in full swing and we are in love! I don’t know about you but we wait all year for sweater weather! We live for pumpkin spice latte‘s, knits, fall leaves, layers, and boots! Don’t you?! Each autumn season brings new trends and spins on the fall classics! Let’s take a look at some of the trends that we are currently loving and how we like to wear them! 

Knits to not miss! 
Sweater have stolen the show this fall! I know what you’re thinking, sweaters for fall? Duh!? Well, this year’s sweaters have gotten a major upgrade with fun necklines, details, and embellishments! Our favorite sweater trend of the moment is lace up detail and embellishments! This strappy statement will add a little edge to your knitwear! Weather it laces up the side down the back across the sleeve or around the neck you have to jump on this trend! Pair this sweater trend with your favorite jeans or leggings and you will instantly hit refresh on an old classic! 

Show some shoulder! 
The off the shoulder or cold shoulder trend that we’ve seen in seasons past is still going strong with no sign of going anywhere soon! This is great news for all you girls love to show a little shoulder! Our favorite way to wear the trend is worth the off the shoulder sweater! It adds a little spice to your knit and can be dressed up or down for any occasion! 

The low cut turtleneck! 
I know what you’re thinking how can a turtleneck be low-cut? Well, this year’s turtlenecks have gotten a little something extra! Think of it like a cut out that has been added to the front of the turtleneck! Remember last year when we were all loving chokers? Well, The choker trend has made its way into our tops and into our hearts for good! This trend gives us the best of both worlds! We love the drama it adds to a neckline! 

Long live the boot! 
Last but certainly not least we half to mention our favorite shoe trend of the year, the boot! Nothing new here, but then again do we really want them to change?! We dream of boots and booties year around and can’t wait to wear them! So what type of boots will you need this year? Definitely get a fabulous pair of over the knee boots! They can be worn with denim leggings or bare legs! The over the knee boot adds something extra to any fall look! Don’t forgot about your bestie the bootie! Booties are still one of our favorite shoes for fall and are still as Versatel as every! 

Thanks for stopping by the blog! We hope you are having a wonderful fall season so far and are getting excited about Thanksgiving! Remember, you can shop all of the luxe featured in this post by going to our website! Until next time, gobble gobble! 
by Brigette Gray

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